EnviroNative Training

It is our belief that culturally sensitive, targeted training can lift people out of poverty, dependence and vulnerability to harm.


Bring housing, food security, economic solutions and empowerment to First Nations women and youth as they discover ways to ensure their independence and well being throughout their lives.


Provide sustainability and self-sufficiency training to First Nations women and youth.

Our definition of self-sufficiency includes entrepreneurship training, microbusiness incubation, permaculture, food security, and natural building know-how.

We offer

  • Entrepreneurship training relevant to our students and their local communities.
  • Food security and perma-culture training designed to provide trainees with knowledge and skills to create community gardens, take produce to market and start microbusinesses.
  • Natural building training designed and delivered by some of the experts in sustainable building industry in Canada.

EnviroNative Training aims to:

  • Take the training to the people who need it , in their own communities.
  • Document best practices and design project models of capacity building, skills and business development that will be easy to adapt and transfer to First Nations communities throughout Canada.