Organic Food Initiative

Food banks in Barrie have documented a 53% increase in demand for food, as well as a decreasing amount of donations due to the current economic crisis that seems to be affecting everyone. Recognizing this poverty, and deciding to act against it, Back to Basics sought out at-risk youth (youth affected adversely by poverty) to start up a team of organic farmers. We seek to educate our volunteers by helping them to develop life-skills in farming, as well as providing them with a new mindset, and positive reinforcement.
Back to Basics wants to show the benefits of organic farming, of healthy living and eating, and of giving back to the community. Using grounds generously donated by Bruce Chappell(a Barrie farmer) as well as other public spaces, Back to Basics was able to grow over 30,000 pounds of organic food for the Barrie food bank, helping to alleviate their needs. We seek to not only bring healthier, organic options to the food bank, but also to bring dignity to the process, by providing nutritious, flavorful foods to lower-income families. We continue to operate eight organic farms, many of which are in urban green-spaces to raise awareness, provide education on healthy living, and alleviate poverty. It is through building these gardens that we hope to build a community. Charity Gardens are where we started, but they’re not where we stopped.


Check out our proposal for the official Unity Food Project!