Affordable Housing Initiatives

Back to Basics is dedicated to ensuring that independent, self-sufficient, affordable housing for families is set up in Barrie. We will take a systems approach toward these houses, in an effort to reduce not only rent, but also food and living costs. These buildings will be high-quality while maintaining a low cost(initial and maintenance), and continuing to be environmentally friendly.

We hope that both singles and families will be able to share and live in the environment, fostering a sense of community and a continued dedication to the issues of poverty and environmental change. To that end, we will also create buildings for the David Busby Street Centre and the Grocery Assistance Program, as both are in desperate need of a new location. We hope that these buildings can be home to many new community groups and services wishing to rent, as we know they can only benefit the social and economic environment of lower income families living in Barrie.


How are we going to do it?





We are going to use shipping containers! Using ISBUs (Inter-modal Steel Building Units) is an international and commercial trend that is vastly gaining ground. They are ideal from a building standpoint: malleable, practical, environmentally friendly, and a low cost in comparison to conventional building materials. Beyond this, they are abundant! It is, as a rule, more expensive to ship a container back to its orginal point of export than it is to keep them, leaving thousands sitting about Canada with no purpose. We are looking to give them a purpose! A 40 ft shipping container, with a 320 sq. ft footprint, will realistically run the cost of $100 per sq. ft. This will include the costs of insulation, large windows and radiant in-floor heating along with all the indoor electrical and plumbing needs of a functional house. This figure puts us at half the cost of conventional building methods.



Affordable Housing and Services Development Proposal




Aboriginal Housing and Food Initiative